he’s not into you. let it go.

When I was 19 I had a huge crush on this boy who wore hats and rode around on a BMX bike and painted.

My two best guy friends moved to Philly right around the corner from him. I decided to move in with them. I moved into their house, but the only room that was left was the kitchen that was located in the basement. I lived on an air mattress in a kitchen-basement for a month so I could try to date this guy.

I would always invite him over, but he’d never really come. Then I’d call him around 3 a.m. most nights, but he never really answered.

One afternoon, I came home from the Checkers drive-thru to find my room under water. My air mattress was floating. The basement flooded after a nasty rain. I decided it was really creepy of me to move into this apartment to be close to this boy in the first place and I moved back home.

— 22 y/o female from Philly, PA


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