you don’t fill it with sand, stupid.

When I was young my best friend was a little bit evil. After a long rain she wanted to know who the “genius” was that piled sand into the bowels of her tire swing.

“I want to give a prize to whoever did it,” she said with a toothless, Punky Brewster grin. She knew damn well it was me but she wanted to hear me say it. I puffed my chest and exclaimed that I was the genius. I was seriously ready for my prize.
“You did?” she said and her voice began to turn.
“Why would you do that?! Now it’s filled with water and I can’t even sit in it… you better go over there and dig the sand out, stupid.”
Cold, wet, heavy sand. Grubby, muddy fingers when I was through. No prize. Genius.

— 22 y/o female from Philly, PA


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