you’re drunk.

French class was after lunch and we were learning about baguettes and limonade. I feel like pure shit. I had an awful belly ache, dizzyness and tunnel vision. I stood up to ask for a bathroom pass, which I was only permitted to do in french. I could barely put together sentences in my native tongue. Instead of  I just fell flat on the linoleum floor like timber.

When I came to Madame Bethem was watching over me nervously. So was half the class. She was in the middle of writing me a pass when I fell ON her and to the ground. She thought my friend pushed me and she yelled at her. She calls the nurse who came in with a wheelchair to scoot me through the hallway at the same time the 9th grade changed class.

After the nurse checked me out she had me lay on a bed in her office for about a half an hour. She sneaks off to  tellsthe principal she can smell the alcohol on my breath. He escorts me to my locker which he proceeded to raid, whole heartedly. He opened my Bath & Body Works Freesia body spray and sniffed it  to make sure it wasn’t vodka. I was 13-years-old.

— 21 y/o female from Philly, PA


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