your best friend is dating your boyfriend.

It was 2001 and I was heartbroken. I just broke up with my first serious boyfriend and who knows what or who initiated it but it was time to crank up Dashboard Confessional and light the candles in my dimly lit room. It was also time for tears, lots and lots of them.
My boyfriend and my best friend started dating shortly after that–the worst fate a 14-year-old girl fresh out of braces could imagine.

So I decided to get back at both of them for breaking my heart. I needed to do something good, and while punching her in the face wasn’t completely out of the question, I wanted something that was going to hurt for longer.
What I did next is unimaginable, unpredictable. Not in its cleverness or pure evil but in how stupid it was. I hatched a plan to throw a six-foot tall, blood-red teddy bear into her yard.

It was a prize my ex had won at a fair when he was young, and when he gave it to me for Valentine’s Day it had come with a romantic explanation. He had been waiting to give it to someone special, someone he really cared for. I thought the whole time that he was too stoned to remember to get me a present and so there it was. I figured it would really show them if I threw it in the muddy yard, like “fuck you” man.

I never did it because for some reason the girl threatened to call the cops is she found an overstuffed carnival toy in her front yard. They probably broke up a few weeks later. He’s gay now and she’s married to a soldier.

— 22 y/o female from Philly, PA


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