you’re an idiot.

I had a great job as a babysitter; eating good food, drinking good coffee, hanging out with good kids and watching a big screen all day. I would also frequent the internet when I could get a moment to myself. The parents were great–I worked with the mom at a daycare which I’d just recently left, and I think she just wanted to help a sister out financially.

One day, as I was filling out Myspace surveys and IM’ing friends, I decided to make a joke.

Me: I’ve been babysitting since 7:30… looking for a sniper to come over and take care of these two. Got anyone in mind?

Big Mistake. Because parents these days they have web catchers. And webcatchers are bad for funny babysitters, because your kids getting shot is not funny.

The mom told me, “We won’t be needing you for the next few days and I figured I would tell you why, given that you’ve been great thus far. it’s because my husband saw what you wrote to your friend online and even though we’re pretty sure you didn’t mean it literally, he doesn’t feel safe having you taking care of the children”.

’nuff said.

— 21 y/o female from Philly, PA


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